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International Workshop on Lung Health (IWLH)

23-25 Febbraio 2024

The International Workshop on Lung Health (IWLH) stands out as one of the most important dates in the respiratory calendar. It’s focus on small group learning offering real interaction with global experts at close proximity makes it unique in an otherwise packed field of meetings and explains why it is enjoying its 11th successful year.

India is delighted to host the 1st Asian Chapter of this prestigious conference in Goa from 23-25 February 2024.

The rich and stimulating programme focuses on new insights, breakthrough studies and Young Clinicians and Researchers, who will be continuing to be at the forefront of the 2024 Asian Chapter as they have been for the past 11 editions of the IWLH.

The mix of Indian and International speakers from all over the world promises to share benchmark approaches and best clinical practices, especially across Asian and Pacific regions.

Contact the Organising Secretariat Lena Group to know how to get to the meeting: info@lung-health-asia.org

Website: https://lung-health-asia.org/


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